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Stop Divorce: How to avoid the Jan Divorce epidemic

Stop Divorce: Do you know that the month of January is the national break up or divorce month? More marriage seperations take place in January and February than in any other month. Why is this and how can you stop it form impacting your relationship?
Discover what you can do to protect your relationship from becoming another divorce stats in this revealing article.

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Marriage: Is Marriage Outdated?

Marriage: Nick Clegg, British Deputy Prime Minister contends that we should not preserve the institution of marriage, especially the 1950s version? Is this true? Is the breader winner husband and house wife version of marriage to be gotten rid of? Find out in this revealing article.

Marriage Advice

What is Marriage All About?

Marriage Success: What is marriage all about? What makes a successful marriage? What is the definition of marriage?
If you are married or thinking of getting married then you need to be very clear about what marriage is and what it is not. Read this article and find out…

Marriage Advice

Saving Family: How To Save Your Family

Save My Family: In a culture where many young people are going wild how do you save your family? In a time when you are so busy that you don’t have time, how do you create time and space for your family? 30 ways in 30 days to save your family by Rebecca Hagelin has the answers. Check it out now!